Stakeholder Analysis

Table shows four identified stakeholders and the three success criteria. Arrows are used to illustrate the emphasis placed on each of these criteria by the stakeholders. For example, consider stakeholder preferences in terms of the differences between clients and the delivery (implementation) team. It is obvious that, in terms of evaluation criteria such as schedule and budget, there are significant differences in attitude. The clients want the system delivered as soon as possible for the lowes possible final price. The delivery team would like large budgets and longer installation schedules, because that takess pressure off the team in terms of bringing the system online. The criterion of performance specifications (quality view) will vary by stakeholder group. Clients want the opportunity to alter or customize the system, or add as many technical capabilities as possible. The delivery team is much more comfortable with a simple system that has few technical surprises, is less likely to need long debugging procedures, and is not changed or modified once it has been acquired.

Top Management



Delivery Team